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An Interview with Mortimer Blankenship III                                                      by: Dallas Glenn                      

11/15/2018   2:04 P.M.

Days after the brutal attack that Custom Made suffered at the hands of EPIC, Supreme Wrestling’s owner, Jeremy Bevins, sent me, Supreme Wrestling Interviewer, Dallas Glenn, on a special assignment to find some answers about the aftermath of this hellacious situation. The only lead I was able to find was where Mortimer Blankenship III was being treated at. Initially, Mr. Blakenship III refused to grant my interview requests; but, he finally agreed to comment on the situation after I promised to keep the location of his medical facility undisclosed…


Um, hello, Supreme Wrestling faithful! I'm Supreme Wrestling Interviewer, Dallas Glenn, and… I am in a secret location with the mastermind of the Custom Made faction, Mortimer Blankenship III. How are you feeling this evening, Mr. Blankenship?


On a scale 1 to 10, I feel like crap. But, I will be ok. I have overcome many obstacles in my life. This one just hurts a lot worse than the others. I guess it is true, the bigger you are, the harder you fall.


Mr. Blakenship, I'm sorry, but I have to go back to what happened this past weekend. How did a heartfelt moment between you and your best friend turn into such a hellacious and vicious moment between Custom Made and Epic?


It’s all a blur. I was definitely feeling emotional because of Draven retiring. Then, I am sure you saw the footage. Next thing I know, I am being attacked by Van Martigan and Tommy Cash. Next thing I remember, I am in a hospital bed with bruised kidneys, and shoulder and neck trauma. But I will be ok! How is Roger??? I can’t get ahold of him.


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a hold of him either. Roger has always been the free spirit of you three, but I'm worried that his radio silence is not just because he is taking time to reflect... Mr. Blankenship, have you heard about Eric Draven's plans to hold off his retirement and stop EPIC's reign of terror once and for all?


That is unsettling about Roger. However, yes, I have. And I fully intend to be by his side the entire way! I will make it my personal vendetta to make their "spiritual advisor" leave town on a stretcher!

I need to make sure Roger is ok! How many more questions are there?


Only a couple! The fans of Supreme Wrestling have been very worried about Custom Made since the attack! Jeremy Bevins himself sent me out on special assignment


One second... Draven is calling.


Wait, how exactly are you and Draven going to defeat EPIC, Mr. Blankenship? Oh, uh… ok then…


(On the phone with Draven) What do you mean you can't find Roger? They hit him with 2 piledrivers? 2??!!! We have to make them pay! Listen, I don't care how hurt I am! Those sons of b*tches are going to pay! Ok, ok, let me finish this interview and I will do all I can to find him.


Uh, Mr. Blankenship, what was that all about? What did Eric Draven just say??


Don't worry about it Dallas. Is it ok if we wrap this up?


Uh (fumbles through papers and notebook) I, I guess I got to the bottom of some things
Mr. Blankenship, where are you going??


Get this thing out of me! (while pulling at I.V.) I gotta go!

I don't care what these doctors say! I have to go!


But, your doctor, your health...your hat! This is insane!


Oh, my hat... Thanks kid. Bye!


Bye!...oh man, this is gonna be bad...


Everything You Need to Know About this Coming Friday's Supreme Show in North Vernon, Indiana by Jason Cohen                             10/18/2018     5:39 P.M.

Tomorrow night's event in North Vernon, Indiana has something for everyone if you are a professional wrestling fan. We have a fast paced match that will undoubtedly feature high flying action from "Unbreakable" Chet Rippley as well as his opponent "Amazing" Aaron Abbott. These two fan favorites do battle to determine the #1 contender to the Supreme Junior Heavyweight Champion, "The Hollywood Giant" Tommy Cash. 

Also on the card, long-time enemies "Custom Made" Eric Draven and "The Face of Supreme" Leon Elliot will go to battle once again. However, this time, there will be a special referee. That special referee is none other than Draven's tag team championship partner "Superbeast" Rob Royale. If you think this stacks the deck against Elliot, this is not the case as Royale and his partner Draven do NOT get along, to say the least. One thing for sure, the law will certainly be laid down by the Superbeast!

In a match that was set up by Supreme Owner Jeremy Bevins, "Forever Damned" Van Martigan will be forced to take on former TNA star Shark Boy. The owner and Supreme's Announcer have been tormenting Martigan with playing shark music, teasing the return to Supreme of Shark Boy. Van Martigan claims that Shark Boy will be his next victim, however Shark Boy has traveled the world and will surely be one of Martigan's biggest challenges to date.

In the main event, the Supreme Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Yukon Mike receives his shot against current champion "The Rainman" Nic Noble. Noble defeated Mike for the title in controversial fashion using members of his group EPIC to help him win the title. This match is sure to be hard hitting as it features two of Supreme's heaviest hitters!

All these matches and more as Supreme Wrestling returns to North Vernon, Indiana at Christ's Way Christian Church! Also, do not forget about the following night, Supreme returns to the Supreme Arena in Madison, Indiana to celebrate the birthday of Supreme's biggest fan, Vernon Morris! Admission to this event is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! if you bring a gift for Vern!


Days after winning his second Supreme Wrestling Mid-America Heavyweight Championship, I was able to catch up with Angus Barnett moments after he finished a training session to ask him about how he feels after his recent title win.

Dallas: Angus! Angus! Congrats on your recent Championship win last Saturday night. Would you like to give some thoughts on how your win feels a few days later?

Angus Barnett: I'll say that I don't care what anybody says. Whatever anyone in the audience thinks, or even whatever anyone else in the back thinks, I deserve this. I've fought long and hard to get to where I am today. Nobody knows the mountain's I've climbed, the people I've stepped on, and the sacrifices I've had to make to get to where I am today. And what do they say? They call me a cheater; tell me I suck; that I can't wrestle. Hounding me for title shots before even telling me congratulations. But I don't even care. I've got the smartest manager; the best tag team partner; two of the most experienced wrestlers I know in my corner; and I got the gold baby! And whoever doesn't like it can just deal with it, because I gonna do everything I can to hang on to the title that I won and deserve.

Dallas: Strong words, Mr. Barnett. Thank you for your time and comment.


Doing it on His Own, "Unbreakable" Chet Ripley is Soon to be "Undeniable" as Well!!


Usually in the sport of professional wrestling, wrestlers who have been in the ring for less than five years need to be in a tag team or stable while learning the ins and out of the sport. Along with learning how to be successful in the ring, a tag team partner, or a multitude of stablemates, can help watch a young lion’s back in the locker room. All while teaching them the do’s and don’ts of this sometimes vicious business as well.

This is where “Unbreakable” Chet Ripley has proven to be so rare and special. Since making his proper singles debut only a few months ago, Ripley has been a mainstay in the Supreme Wrestling Top 10 rankings and has even climbed one of the two major singles wrestling mountains in the company. The peak of his first summit coming when he won the Supreme Wrestling Mid-America Championship earlier this year in a Triple Threat Match that involved then-champion Chuck McRoberts and perennial title holder and contender, Eric Draven. Ripley was the clear underdog in this match and shocked the entire audience that night when he scored the deciding pinfall of the match. However, the championship reign was short, and Ripley ultimately feels that he didn’t get the chance to truly show Supreme Wrestling’s fans, locker room, and management what he could really do.

In a recent interview, I asked Ripley about his current accomplishments, and how he felt about them thus far. Ripley said that “I really didn’t expect anything like this; but, as far as the Mid-America Heavyweight Championship [is concerned], it was like my childhood dream coming true. It was the most surreal moment of my life, and one I’ll never forget.”

Ripley isn’t one to live in fond memories for too long, however. In the same breath, Ripley made it clear that he is ready to get his championship back, and realizes that his consistent placement in the promotion’s Top 10 rankings system means that he is due for a championship match much sooner rather than later. This is even more apparent when one considers that Ripley has defeated the new Mid-America Heavyweight Champion, Angus Barnett, numerous times before Barnett won his second title this past Saturday night.


Even though Ripley may very well have the current champion’s number, he believes that his actions have, and will do, more than enough lobbying for him. Meaning that Ripley has no current plans to begin vocally pleading his case to the owner of Supreme Wrestling, Jeremy Bevins, anytime soon. If anything, the self-described tough, high-flying, and technical in-ring style that Ripley uses night in and night out may win over Supreme Wrestling’s fanbase to the point where the powers that be have no choice but to give Ripley another title opportunity.


But, as Ripley coyly brings up, who says that opportunity has to be for the Mid-America Heavyweight Championship? “I love Yukon Mike. That being said, if we wrestled for that [Supreme Wrestling Heavyweight] title, I would give everything I have to become the champion. It would be the best match on any card, I can promise you that.”


A lofty claim; and definitely one that won’t fall on deaf ears, as Yukon Mike has had one of the most impressive reigns as Supreme Wrestling Heavyweight Champion in recent memory. What may be more impressive than the reign itself is the fact that he beat an international and world-class superstar, Jason Kincaid, to win the championship in the first place. I asked Ripley if he knew the difference between saying that he was ready for such an opportunity and actually being ready for it. And, in a surprisingly confident fashion, Ripley responded “I would totally be ready. I like to study my opponents; and, with [Yukon] Mike, I would have to [study him] for sure. But, I would totally be ready.”


Very few fan favorites have that kind of confidence coming out of the gates when they start their singles careers. However, not many young favorites have accomplished what “Unbreakable” Chet Ripley has in his quick flash as a solo competitor. Maybe his resume is the result of a lucky hot streak. Or, maybe, Jeremy Bevins has found something special. Maybe he has found a young star in the making who can take his promotion well into the future. I’m sure we all will know the answers to these questions in due time, as Ripley is due for another chance at gold either way. And that, dear readers, is undeniable.


Hello! This is Dallas Glenn, staff writer for Supreme Wrestling's official website. This past weekend, Custom Made had a small reunion of sorts when they defeated TJ Kemp and Joey Owens in tag team action. Custom Made looked so good in their victory, that it seemed like they had never took a break from teaming together in the first place. Today, I was able to ask Eric Draven about his victory and how it felt to be back with a partner that he wasn't constantly at odds with.

Dallas: Mr. Draven, what was it like being reunited with your Custom Made teammate this past weekend? Did it feel odd at all to not be tagging with your tag team championship partner?


Eric Draven: Roger Malcolm and I work well together. It was like we never stopped teaming.


D: Did it make you wish that you didn't have to deal with your ongoing issues with your current partner, the other half of the Mid-America Tag Team Champions, "Superbeast" Rob Royale?


ED: Oh, no! My hopes are to make us all work together. With my knowledge, Roger's speed, and Royale’s strength, we'd be unstoppable!


D: Well, in theory, that is very true. But I don't think that Rob Royale is interested in Custom Made's way of doing things.


ED: He'll come around, he has so much pride that he won't let them slip away.


D: Them being the Mid-America Tag Team Championships?


ED: Well, that would require him and I to lose them, which is unlikely.


D: Well, that would seem very unlikely if you were to get the rest of Custom Made and Rob Royale and on the same page. Thank you for your time, Mr. Draven.


This is Dallas Glenn from Supreme Wrestling's official website reporting. After Mr. Blankenship III’s blistering comments on Supreme Wrestling's YouTube page, I was able to quickly catch Mr. Blankenship for comment before he left to attend a very important business meeting.

Dallas: Mr. Blankenship III!

Mr. Blankenship III!!!

The media just saw your comments about Jacob the Carpetbagger. Why did him wanting to participate in Supreme Wrestling: Game Over offend you so much?

Mr. Blankenship III: I don't try to get involved in his fake lifestyle of making YouTube videos, so why does he feel the need to come into my world of professional wrestling? It makes me furious! But if he does the meet and greet and leaves, we will be just fine. Otherwise, he is gonna have a bad day!

D: But, Mr. Blankenship III, this is a huge opportunity for the promotion as a whole! Would you really jeopardize that purely off of principle?


MBIII: I don't see the opportunity that you speak of. This YouTube jerk isn't more important than me.


D: Well, no, but it surely wouldn't be good press if such a notable guest got injured or put in harm's way…


MBIII: He wont be put in harm's way as long as he doesn't try to enter the world of professional wrestling. Then, that is his prerogative. And, in this case, harm will occur.


D: Well, on that note, Mr. Blankenship III, all we can do is hope that things don't take a turn for the worst on August 24th in Seymour, Indiana. Thank you for your comment.


MBIII: Yeah yeah, leave me alone.


Comments from Leon Elliot after his huge victory over Simon Dean


On Saturday night at Supreme Wrestling: Explosion, Leon Elliot defeated Simon Dean with a school boy rollup and managed to snag a victory that should no longer be so surprising to some. With this victory, Elliot has now defeated two former WWE superstars by pin fall and adds this monumental victory to a lengthy list of accomplishments that he has earned as a singles competitor during his time here at Supreme Wrestling.

When asked about his feelings after earning such a monumental pin, Elliot said that he feels great about the moment and that he is even more excited he was able to capitalize on such a big opportunity when he saw that it became available.

No one in the Supreme Wrestling locker room or fandom needs to worry about Elliot getting too full of himself, however, as he says that he still has not accomplished his ultimate goal; which is a reign with the Supreme Heavyweight Championship.

With this extreme level of focus still intact, Elliot, much like the rest of the Supreme Wrestling locker room, will be waiting to see where he falls in the Supreme Wrestling Top 10 rankings. He has been in the Top 3 for several weeks now, but few men on the list have recently faced the type of competition that Leon Elliot has. Knowing this, it will be interesting to see who Yukon Mike’s next opponent will be after his successful title defense against Hy Zaya.


“Devious” Darrin O'Neal is planning a Supreme takeover

Jeremy Bevins isn’t the most popular man in Supreme Wrestling if you ask some members of the SW locker room, but one group on the SW roster downright despises the man.

This group is Epic, and their spiritual advisor, “Devious” Darrin O'Neal, is planning to overthrow Bevins’ and take all of his gold from him. That gold being every single championship that Supreme Wrestling has to offer.

O'Neal actually has some validity to his frustration, claiming that “Jeremy Bevins likes to suspend people…[and that] everybody in Epic has been suspended at least once.” O'Neal’s suspension, however, led him to achieve a “spiritual awakening” which gave him visions of conquest and grandeur.

These visions include a premonition that Epic “will, with all certainty” win every championship that is available to them and take Supreme Wrestling hostage. As O'Neal has claimed many times, he even plans to rename the company “Epic Wrestling” and take out all of the strife that he and his stablemates have been feeling under Jeremy Bevins tenure as owner of Supreme Wrestling.

The scary thing is that “Devious” Darrin O'Neal has been the “spiritual advisor” for over 15 different champions in Supreme Wrestling’s history. This includes two of the last five Mid-America Tag Team Championship team combinations when, ironically, Jeremy Bevins suspended Dudes with ‘Tudes member Nic Noble and the then tag team champions willingly gave their championships over to the East and West Express (Angus Barnett and “Hollywood” Tommy Cash).

Epic is working on a level of cohesion that has not been seen in Supreme Wrestling since Custom Made was in their prime as a stable. Because of this, any tag team combination of Epic is a serious threat to the current tag team champions, “The Superbeast” Rob Royale and “Custom Made” Eric Draven.

Maybe a victory against the dysfunctional current champions is the first step to “Devious” Darrin O'Neal’s plans. Or, perhaps, Epic will start with the AWA Central States Champion Rob Conway. In either case, O'Neal is refusing to let anyone know what his plans are, saying that “[you] never know, it may be four singles, two tag teams. One tag, two singles. I have flexibility and a master plan going forward. That’s for me to know and everyone else to figure out.”

Supreme Wrestling should be on the lookout, as dark days may be coming sooner than we all think.

*After our interview, “Devious” Darrin O'Neal…“requested” that I include his social media links so all that his followers can contact him. His Twitter is @ONeilRealDeal and his name on Facebook is Darrin O'Neal.*





Leon Elliot comments on his upcoming match with Simon Dean

In a short conversation, Leon Elliot stated that he is looking forward to competing in yet another match with one of the biggest names in independent wrestling. In the past, Elliot caught a victory against former NWA World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, Rob Comway, and came up just short against Bullet Club Elite’s Chase Owens. At Saturday’s Supreme Wrestling: Explosion event, Leon Elliot sets out to steal the show, and a win, from none other than former WWE superstar and ECW legend, Simon Dean.

Because of his big match singles experience, Elliot is not intimidated by his opponent or his reputation. Instead, Elliot says that he plans to prepare for Dean just as he prepares for all of his other matches.

When asked if he thinks that a win over Simon Dean would put him in the Supreme Heavyweight Championship picture, Elliot responded by saying “it most definitely can.” This will remain to be seen, however, as the winner of the Yukon Mike vs Hy Zaya Supreme Heavyweight Championship main event may have different views on how Elliot should be ranked.





 News on Leon Elliot and his recent string of success

In the past few months, Leon Elliot has won his second Supreme Wrestling Mid-American Championship, had some of the best matches of his career, and had a shot at the Supreme Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

When asked what he thought the reason behind his success was, he cited a change in his in-ring style and the ability to start moving to the beat of his own drum.

After separating himself from past associates, including one of his most recent opponents, Angus Barnett, Elliot says that he feels free for the first time in his career. This freedom has allowed him to finally accept all of the praise, and pressure, that the Supreme Wrestling fanbase has been giving him throughout the years.

As for his in-ring style, Elliot says that he has been trying to implement his martial arts training in to his matches for some time now. After a lot of training and practice, he has finally been able to change his style to something “less traditional,” as he puts it.

These changes have resulted in him being ranked atop the Supreme Wrestling top 10 for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, sometime soon, Elliot can receive another opportunity at Supreme Wrestling’s top prize.


Update on the Supreme Wrestling Mid-America Championship

The winner of the #1 Contender Fatal-4-Way match, Aaron Abbot, failed to win his title opportunity against “Superbeast” Rob Royale at a recent live event.

It should also be noted that Royale successfully defended the Mid-America Championship against Eric Draven in the same weekend.

Ironically, Royale and Draven are the current Supreme Wrestling Mid-America Tag Team Champions and have already had a successful title defense as a unit despite their many issues



Information on Supreme Wrestling’s Name Change and an interesting upcoming Match

This morning, Supreme Wrestling’s promoter, gave comment on why Supreme Wrestling changed its name and branding earlier this year. When asked why the promotion changed its name from AWA Supreme and, with it, all of it’s associated promotional branding, the promoter said that the move came from a desire to differentiate themselves from other promotions that were using the AWA initials as well.

Before ending the conversation, the promoter also said for fans to keep an eye out for the upcoming Hy Zaya vs Yukon Mike match at the upcoming “Supreme Wrestling: Explosion” event.

Articles Written by Dallas Glenn, Staff Writer for Supreme Wrestling