Supreme Wrestling

September 14, 2019

Madison, Indiana

Supreme Arena

*Lillie Lockhart defeated JB Kidd by disqualification when a masked wrestler attacked her

*"Pure Evil" Nic Noble and Seth Geen w/ Darrin O'Neal defeated The Ladykillers

*Supremo de Cara (As Red Dragon) pinned "Custom Made" Eric Draven w/ Josee Rae

*"The Crusader" Tommy Cash defeated "Devious" Darrin O'Neal by disqualification when O'Neal threw powder in Cash's face. After the match, Legion destroyed Cash's knee with a chair

*"The Gift" Jason Kincaid defeated Ryan Roswell by submission. After the match, Roger Malcolm attacked Kincaid

*"Big Time" Josh Lewis defeated Gaston LaRue by submission

*The Champion vs Champion match between "The Architect of Torment" Angus Barnett w/ Darrin O'Neal and "The Face of Supreme" Leon Elliot ended in a draw when both men pinned each other

*"Wildthing" Chuck McRoberts and "Wild 'n Free" Tommy Jack McGee pinned Supreme United States Tag Team Champions Custom Made w/ Josee Rae to win the titles for the first time

Supreme Wrestling Make Your Mark 2019

September 7, 2019

Hanover, Indiana

Southwestern High School

*Ryan Roswell defeated JB Kidd, Aaron Atlas, and Aaron Abbott in a fatal four way match to determine the #1 contender to the Supreme Junior Heavyweight Championship

*Tommy Jack McGee pinned Supreme Junior Heavyweight Champion Jacob the Carpetbagger w/ Mortimer Blankenship III to win the title for the first time

*Before Lillie Lockhart's match, a masked wrestler led to the ring by Eric Draven attacked her

*"Custom Made" Eric Draven w/ Mortimer Blankenship III and Josee Rae pinned Supremo de Caro

*"Tailor Made" Roger Malcolm w/ Mortimer Blankenship III and "The Gift" Jason Kincaid battled to a 20 minute time limit draw. As a result, owner Jeremy Bevins declared that the two will face off in a 60 minute Iron Man match!

*"The Crusader" Tommy Cash and "Wildthing" Chuck McRoberts defeated "The Architect of Torment" Angus Barnett and Seth Geen in a no disqualification match

*"Unbreakable" Chet Rippley pinned "The Black Diamond" Ace Perry

*Supreme Heavyweight Champion "The Face of Supreme" Leon Elliot retained his title by disqualification, defeating Kongo Kong w/ "Superbeast" Rob Royale