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Surprise Motherf**ker Pendantcollage pendant, Quirky Unique Collage Artcollage pendant, Wearable Art Pendant



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This is for those with a truly quirky sense of humor and taste, a unique pendant that doubles as wearable art. Surprise, Motherf**ker! pendant, a handmade piece of original collage art. A retro, Donna Reed era character in black and white admonishes you with a pointed finger against a backdrop of faded blue tiling. The red-rimmed clock in the corner announces that it's almost midnight. It's a comical and somehow ominous piece, and completely one of a kind.The collage is made of magazine clippings layered in liquid polymer clay. If the average person saw the photo album where I store and organize all of these clippings, my sanity would most certainly be questioned. Once baked onto a base of solid gray clay with a black clay border, clear resin spread over the top gave it a glassy finish.A bail is secured to the back with a sturdy and long lasting adhesive. This pendant is ready to be hung or strung on whatever sort of cord or chain you choose., collage pendant

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