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Blue Black And Grey Beaded Memory Wrap Braceletbeaded wrap bracelet, Six Loop Wrapbeaded wrap bracelet, Jasper and Obsidian



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Brilliant aqua blue, mixed with black and grey, is the striking color scheme of this beaded memory wire bracelet. The six loop wrap highlights dalmatian jasper beads, imperial jasper, and chips of obsidian. Glass and faceted crystal beads in slightly varying shades of aqua blue and turquoise dance around in an alternating pattern with smoky grays. I chose beads of contrasting shape and size to create subtle points of interest. Glass seed beads form the base of the design, on steel memory wire.The diameter of the wrap is 2.5 inches, so this one fits best on the average wrist size of 7-8 inches. If you have any questions about the fit, or require another size or color scheme, contact me., blue beaded bracelet

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