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ONDE (Waves) earrings: 18k solid yellow goldchristmas, 18k solid rose goldchristmas, natural white pearls. Earring for perforated lobe with clip on. Hallmark



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The inspiration for this collection are the soft and caressing lines of the sea waves. The design of these earrings refers to quality such as sinuosity, movement, fluidity, the earrings have been shaped by the use of 3D software.The two "valves" that make up the earring are one in yellow gold and the other one in rose gold.It is also a versatile project, as it can be set up for stones which may be different in cut and shapes.A jewel made of several separate metallic parts and then united is a jewel of superior quality, because is possible a perfect finishing for every single part that which make up the whole.DETAILS\ud83d\udd35 n\u00b0 2 natural white pearls \u00d8 9,00 mm (in 0,35)\u2726 Metal, hallmarked: 18k solid yellow gold, 18k solid rose gold\u2726 Finishing: polished \u2726 Wearable earring for perforated lobe with clip onEARRING MEASURES\u2726 The total length of the earring is mm 22,00 (in 0,86)\ud83d\ude9a \u2708 FREE SHIPPING Secure delivery with specialized courierGIFT BOX\ud83c\udf81 This jewel is complemented by a specially-made gift box with my logo in pure gold leaf\u2726 All jewels are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity\ud83d\udc9d 5% on the sale price will be donated as a financial help to \u201cCerchi d'Acqua\u201d anti-violence center, which since 2000 offers free support to women victims of gender violence.http://cerchidacqua.orgCUSTOMIZATION\u270e Other combinations of gold colors are possible, as the earring is composed of two united half that can be made in different colors of gold and finishes - in this piece one half is in rose gold, the other one in yellow gold - (polished, matt, satin, white or black rhodium).\u270e You can also choose a pearl of different color or a gemstone, I suggest a sphere, smooth or faceted (briolette cut).\u21db\u21db Custom jewels (except where clearly specified) are made on your order expressly for you! You understand that we cannot accept returns. Price variation is possible. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or information, it will always be my great pleasure to help you the best I can!CARESimple actions to preserve your jewels\u2726 Take care and treat them with kindness \u2661 Be careful not to drop them or knock hard surfaces, put them separately in the jewelry box so they do not rub one with each other, unless you have a compartment jewelry box, just wrap each jewel in tissue paper (gems are harder than metal and even among gems there is a difference of hardness so they can scratch each other).\u2726 Beware of temperature fluctuations (such as when you wash your hands or bathing wearing jewels with hot water, this is especially true for gemstones and particularly for emeralds), avoid contact with solvents, detergents and perfumes (wear them after applying your makeup and perfume), some gems are porous (e.g. Pearls, coral, turquoise) and could lose their luster.\u2726 To best maintenance of your jewel you can clean it with lukewarm water and pH-neutral soap (even an old soft bristle toothbrush can help you in the operation), then rinse it with lukewarm water. Gently dry it using a soft cotton fabric. SHIPPING TIME1 - 3 business dayPROCESSING TIME FOR PERSONALIZED ORDERSPlease allows 2 - 4 weeks PRIVACY POLICYYour personal data will only be used for shipping purposes and order-related communications.CONTACTS\u2709 [email protected] \ud83d\udcde+39 3404734430\u30c4 Thanks for visitingLuciana, hallmark

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