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Howlite Chakra BraceletMade with:-8mm White Howlite-8mm Red Aventurine-8mm Orange Aventurine-8mm Yellow Jasper-8mm Green Aventurine-8mm Turquoise-8mm Blue African Sodalite-8mm Amethyst-Silver or Gold Base Metal Buddha -Super Strong Stretch Elastic (latex free)CUSTOMIZE: Base: HowliteColour: Either Gold or Silver Buddha(Can be made without Buddha\u2019s as well)SIZE GUIDE:-6.5inch-7 inch (most women's wrists)-7.5 inch (most men's wrists)-8inchIf you are unsure of a size please measure wrist and send me the length.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Properties:White Howlite: Reduces stress, anxiety, and anger. Calming, promotes tranquility, and clarifies the mind.Chakra Colours: Worn to balance and create awareness to your seven chakras (centers of spiritual power in the human body)Red-Root Chakra- Security, GroundingOrange- Sacral Chakra- Sexuality, EmotionsYellow- Solar Plexus Chakra- Energy, VitalityGreen- Heart Chakra- Love, HopeTurquoise- Throat Chakra- Communication, HealingBlue- Third Eye Chakra- IntuitionPurple- Crown Chakra- Understanding, Enlightenment, silver

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