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yin yang necklace, Blue Green Yin Yang Symbol Pendant With Suede Cord Necklace



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A lovely green and blue gradient makes this yin yang symbol pendant stand out. It's hand crafted from polymer clay, with brilliant colors, and magnified under a layer of clear, glassy resin.I outlined my design into soft white polymer clay with a needle. I cure the piece half way in the oven, then remove it and engrave recessed areas for the filling process. I mix liquid polymer clay with inks and powder pigments, then slowly fill in the colored liquids and bake the piece again.Once I apply the resin and cure it in the sunshine, it's ready for me to attach a bail to the back with E6000. I chose a flat black suede cord for this 1.25 inch circular pendant, and left it without adding beads, but I can if you prefer.The necklace adjusts between 17.5 and 19.5 inches, closing with a silver plated metal alloy lobster claw clasp and chain.If that length range doesn't work for you, just send me a message and I can change it to suit your needs., yin yang necklace

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